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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 09, 2017)
NO TRIAL TODAY! not enough ppl...... we go tomorrow instead 😀
(Jul 26, 2017)
any chance we can do a capture district tonight? I missed it before moving country xD
(Jul 09, 2017)
We ate now closing vettrials for summer holiday we will start again after the summer. N trials will still run on Tuesdays amd also yraimimg trials on Fridays.
(Jun 27, 2017)
Hopes that u are coming back soon peace :)
(Jun 27, 2017)
Taking a break from Eso for a while. See you all een another day...
(Jun 17, 2017)
(Jun 10, 2017)
(May 23, 2017)
At least for now
(May 23, 2017)
I mean i hear about massive nerfs , and if they that bad, i might choose to play mag dps then.
(May 23, 2017)
Hey guys! Question! I have no time to jump in game, but reading a lot articles about morrowind changes. Is it really that bad on stam nb's? If yes, i might jump back on my sorc, or start to develop my mag templar then. Thx anyone ;)
(May 15, 2017)
i can hear u :)
(May 15, 2017)
Ego Egoo Egoo
(May 15, 2017)
Can AnyoneHear Me??
(May 15, 2017)
(May 15, 2017)
(May 15, 2017)
(May 03, 2017)
(May 02, 2017)
Weekends r not good for me :( i am on every tuesday-wednesday
(May 01, 2017)
Voff 🐶
(May 01, 2017)