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Glory to the brave - Let`s slay m all
Welcome to Glory to the Brave !

We are social, mature and relaxed players who aim to have fun and play together.
We try to organise many events for members to join ranging from PvP, IC, Dungeons, Trials,...

Our guildrules are simple:

- Be polite and say hello and goodbye .Be kind, helpful, social and above all have fun :)
- Recruits can become members after 2 weeks.
We do require you to register on this webpage before being promoted.
(It's just a little survey to fill out, nothing fancy).

- Our guild bank is open to be used by all full members.
Take what you need for your character and deposit what you can spare;
Just use common sense regarding the guild bank pls.

About guild events and trials:

- Everyone is encouraged to sign up in advance so we have an idea of who will be participating.
Those who signed up will be invited first.

- Be on time; remember other people are waiting for you.

- We use Discord voice chat (link on top of this page).
It is perfectly fine to just listen if you don't want to speak.
Be quiet when the raid leader is explaining tactics and try to follow them.

We hope you all enjoy your time with us;



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